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The website www.blinktalent.nl has been carefully constructed. Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V. cannot and will not be held responsible for correctness, reliability and completeness of the information, nor if the information suits the purpose of any given goal. Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V. holds the right to terminate or alter the website www.blinktalent.nl at any given moment in time.

Intellectual Property 

It is prohibited to use the information (images, brands, logo) on this website in any way, shape or form for distribution or multiplying by means of press, copier, storing in a database, uploading, cd-I or cd-rom or any other way, mechanically or automatically, without written approval by the Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V. beforehand. Excluded is downloading information for personal use (NOT commercial). Changing the information on this website or using the information on this website for any other reason is considered a breach of copyright.


©Copyright 2011 Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V. Europe, Breelaan 116, 1861 GH Bergen, The Netherlands


On the website www.blinktalent.nl there are references to other websites. Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V. cannot be held responsible for the contents of the forum as well as the websites.

Protection of Privacy 

Filling out your personal information on the website www.blinktalent.nl and using automatical application forms and the answer-question option, means you agree that your personal information will be held in one or more databases. Your privacy is respected by the Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V..


Blink Talentontwikkeling B.V. is not liable for any loss or incidental, direct or indirect damage as a result of using, misusing or being unable to use the information on the www.blinktalent.nl  website.

Applicable law 

The Dutch Legislation applies to the protection of privacy. The Dutch Law applies to the websitewww.blinktalent.nl 


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